Exit From The Matrix: the liberated mind

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Exit From The Matrix: the liberated mind

By Jon Rappoport
January 20, 2015

One way or another, 99.99999999% of the world’s spiritual systems get around to denying individual power. Eventually, they all proclaim that power is coming from someplace else.

Modern science is no better. It defines the mind as the brain and nothing more.

Reality is a cover story.

It conceals two operations.

The first is a series of vast manipulations that operate the true power centers of the world.

The second is what individuals do to limit their own power, which, if exercised, would exceed reality.

In my 30 years as a researcher, I’ve focused on both operations: exposing the first, and enhancing the second.

The key to the second is imagination, which is the often-forgotten force in the core of the human being.

In putting together my mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, I laid out…

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