13 – VILE TROLLS? Facebook Groups fight back with the TRUTH from the Police Files – RIP Brenda Leyland

HiDeHo CONTROVERSY of Madeleine McCann WordPress


VILE TROLLS? F/B groups FIGHT BACK with SHOCKING FACTS from the POLICE FILES about Madeleine McCann!

Leicestershire POLICE ‘No further action will be taken against dozens of people accused of targeting online abuse at the family of Madeleine McCann, Sky sources have revealed.’

I wonder how it feels to have put all that time and effort into putting all the ‘abuse’ together and having the cops tell you nothing is bad enough to prosecute. In other words, everyone that believed I would be arrested actually have no concept about what real abuse is. They have been proven to be WRONG in their evaluation of what is considered ‘abuse’.

How can being proactive in looking at questionable behaviour of the parents in an ‘abduction’ be considered abuse, especially when it’ is the same as what a POLICE INVESTIGATION shows?

We are not trolls or ‘haters’, in fact, doesn’t that…

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