Why They Look the Other Way: The Death of East Lee and the Plight of Our Reservations

Very tragic. #Justice4Lee

The Plight of the Dakotas

tumblr_inline_o0cf6lW6h81rut7kh_540.jpgEast Lee, 2014

A Life Ended Early
East Lee is a name you’ve probably never heard until now. East was a small-town boy born in Eagle Butte, South Dakota to Sherri Turning Heart & Steve Lee.
East was blessed with a compassion and drive that made him a beloved member of his family and community- he ran cross country for Takini School, played football until his graduation, and even made it to the Golden Gloves championship as a boxer. East had aspirations to move to Washington in the future, but always kept his friends and family, including his son, Kobi, as his number one priority.
But East never got a chance to move to Washington- in fact, he barely got a chance to enjoy his life after high school. East Lee was found dead at Brueske Lake from a single gunshot wound to the head on October 20th, 2015. Despite…

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